Famous Pho

Topped with cilantro, white onions and scallions served with a side of bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapeños.

Customize your bowl (choice of protein)

1 Item2 ItemsChicken
SupremeVeganShrimp (5)

Eye Round / Tai • Meatball / Bo vien • Tripes / Sach • Brisket / Chin • Tendons / Gan • Beef Ribs / Bo Suon Ngan

Also available PHO CHICKEN


Side of eye round Side of beef cuts in broth Beef/Pork/Chicken Skewer Shrimp Skewer Side of noodle / rice Bean Sprout/ Basil Plate Side of Broth Fried Egg • Pork Chop • White onions & vinegar • Bag of mixed veggies